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Set yourself free and transform your life

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Five food

Your world of food has just opened

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Are you wondering who this lady is? Who is Kelli Rowles? If you want to read my story head to my About page. Get to know me because when I work with you, I like to get to know you. It’s a personal relationship but I enjoy it that way.

What I’m going to miss…

At this stage in our lives, Piddo and I are thinking that this baby is going to be our last baby (fingers crossed, touching wood everything runs smoothly). It is a weird thought process to go through because I always thought once I had started having babies I wouldn’t be able to stop until nature said so. I was always apprehensive about starting a family because I thought that when the time came to finish I would be really sad. Funnily enough, I think a family with 2 kiddies will suit us just fine. Of course we never know what our life plan has laid out for us so I might just be eating my words in months or years to come but for right here, right now that’s how we’re feeling. So I wanted to write this post to remind myself of the beautiful things I’m getting to experience right now and the not so missed things I’m also getting to experience right now too. The things I’m going to miss about being pregnant: The kicks and movements. And who wouldn’t miss that? It is amazing. To know you baby to be is in there learning vital skills for when they are birthed into the world is the best part of this whole experience. To think that I won’t get to experience that again after this pregnancy does make me sad but my consolation prize? Henry loves to kick me still and I’m sure this baby will too. Those first few weeks where you and your partner get to have the most beautiful secret together. The sneaking to...

Hi I’m Kelli and I change lives

I was recently listening to a podcast which was talking about why it’s so important to find out what someone does for a living because you will learn their passion. Even if someone says to you, ‘I’m a plumber but I really love my side project which is renovating.’ They are expressing their passion to you and straight away you have just learnt so much about them that a standard conversation probably never would’ve covered. I found this very interesting because we are talking about asking people how they feel about what they do instead of ‘so what do you do for a living?’ When asked what I do for a living I literally say to people ‘fitness.’ That’s it. That’s what I tell you when you ask me what I do for a living. I’m actually a little bit embarrassed right now when I think about this because seriously Kel, what the hell does that mean? What does that even say about YOU? That you’re bored with your work situation and you simplify it down to a simple ‘fitness’? Do you even instruct the fitness Kel? Or do you just turn up? I know, seriously embarrassing stuff RIGHT here. Before I go on, I’m going to tell you a little bit about why I say this. I started out in the fitness industry 11 years ago. Yes, 11 years ago and no I didn’t start going to the gym 11 years ago (read the fine print guys when people say they have been ‘in the industry’), I started working as a gym instructor, an aerobics instructor AND a...

A she what???

Image source: Pinterest I literally stumbled across something today and I absolutely, completely fell head over heels in love. So now I want to know, why didn’t you tell me about it? You’ve heard of a man cave before I’m sure, but how about a She Shed? Yes that’s right a She Shed. It’s a little space in your world for a mother of young children to crave. A little area in your back yard for you and you can do with it as it pleases you. After I found this magical idea of course I had to google the sh*t out of it, proceed to copy, paste and send these links through to my husband who is lovingly working hard to pay for said She Shed and of course it ended with a phone call asking what the hell all these texts were about, and let’s be honest it’s exactly why we send all those texts off. Side note: I actually heard a story of a girl getting a new car purely from sending off a text to her husband and conveniently leaving his number with a sales man – GOLD!! After a little bit of discussion of how he doesn’t want to do it, how much is it to buy a garden shed, a shipping container would be better because it can be moved and finally he came up with the solution of building in our patio which already has 2 walls, a roof and guttering. He also mentioned that he can get onto this ASAP which I am holding him to because I have the threat...

About Me

I am a food, wellness and fitness coach and have been for nearly a decade. I can't wait to work with you to get you living your best life. Live with complete freedom. I have walked this path and I can't wait for you to join me.
I’ve had a genuinely relaxing and informative morning. Learning more about myself through the health assessment is something I’m honestly taking home with me to work on. Along with a meditation and light workout session to rid my weekly stress away. The food experience has topped it off nicely I’m wobbling out of the door with a full belly and excited to cook and eat clean for once. Hats off to ya Kel, best way to spend a beautiful Sunday morning! Rosie