I was only just watching a Facebook live from Peta Kelly which was about respecting the pause. You need to pause to hear your guidance from your higher power. We don’t make up ideas but they are downloaded from the higher power and I can’t tell you how much this resonated with me. I have always felt guided throughout my life, I have always asked for guidance and have always listened. It’s actually amazing to feel this way, where random ideas just pop through my mind and I have to work out whether to move forward or to keep asking for more information. In the past I have just kept moving forward with every idea that pops through the processing centre, never pausing to hear more, never thinking it all through just continuously moving forward.
Recently I had come to a point where it was just too much, I was no longer pausing to hear but feeling in a place of complete overwhelm. I was overwhelmed with the amount of classes I was providing, I was overwhelmed by my message so that I literally had no ‘voice’ to spread it and finally I was overwhelmed by the guilt I was feeling about sick children, being sick or just generally having some time to rest. It was just too much and I needed to pause and man has it helped me. I haven’t been ‘tied’ to work and been able to head to Henry’s specialist appointments and visit family without having to have every session covered and without feeling any sense of guilt to having time away.
I’m currently sitting with a few options of where my business is going for the new year and with permission I am just going to sit and ask for more guidance and listen to the messages because it needs to feel red hot, it needs to feel like I can’t see myself not going in this direction and it needs to feel right with my family too because I definitely leave them behind a lot.
I love that I have had this pause though because it’s given me a chance to work on my own challenge transformation. At the moment I’m going through my steps to change my body and my life and you will get a real life look at this transformation but more than that, I’m taking this time to fill my own cup first before I’m able to fill yours, as we all know you can’t pour from an empty cup so I’m just filling mine up right now to move forward with our next adventure. Part of my transformation is transforming my days too so I can have more time for writing for you and mornings of meditation and journalling to hear my higher love instead of overwhelming my system with social media and a pinch of headless chicken. Trying to prep my day the night before so I have less to do and more space in my day.
So thank you for allowing me to pause and to respect this pause of mine so I can take some time to breathe, hear what I need to hear, sit with ideas that are flooding through and working through the best course of action so that what I’m putting my time into is fulfilling us all and I’m able to fill all of our cups and really just feel like I’m on the right path to spreading my message to the world. Let’s do this.
Thank you,
Kel xx.