“Sometimes in the waves of change, we find our true direction” – Unknown

This quote sums up how I am feeling about changing five fitness. I just wanted to take some time to explain it all to you as you know I like to keep you in the loop with the happenings around here.

As you know, we moved our business into the old Scout Hall on the main street, (Dandaloo St). When we did this we took a chance with the owners and asked for a 3 month lease to begin and then we will go for a 12 month lease. I pretty much had 3 months to prove to Piddo that everything was going to work out fine and we wouldn’t have a worry.

Approximately the end of 3 months rolled around and Piddo sprung it on me, “I think you should hand the business over.” To say I was shocked was a bit of an understatement and to say I was angry was definitely an understatement. Five fitness has been my world since moving to the country and starting up a little fitness business in a small town. You see, bless Piddo’s socks but he would love nothing more than a clean house and dinner on the table at the end of the day. Unfortunately I don’t provide those things (especially the clean house, have you seen 2 little toddlers going wild in a house? They were my children). He also saw that my essential oil business is going really well and sometimes you need to take emotion out of a situation to be told “do more oils.” So…

I had the conversation. I was ready to hand the whole baby over (bar some classes and PT clients). Just like that, gone. Well it didn’t work out. A few weeks ago I was just so tired. For a whole week, I was exhausted which is just not like me at all, I took the next week off which we now realised that it was my body fighting an illness but whilst in this exhausted state I started contemplating the business. I have always ran the challenge as a 10 week challenge with unlimited sessions and a heap of ‘behind the scenes’ work. During those 10 weeks I felt that I would let everyone down if I didn’t run a class, you have paid for all of the sessions in the week so I have to provide them. I thought back to how I did it when Henry was a baby and I realised that I was doing no where near the same amount of sessions that I had been pumping out with similar numbers rolling through the doors. Most clients are happy with 4 options a week and I was providing 14. Effectively something had to give.

My husband had to put his business hat on as I don’t have one when it comes to this business, it is all emotion over here and let me know that we have definitely 3 months to put our hearts into this business and make sure that it’s all working well, no one is over tired, the house is under control and I’m emotionally sane. My plan when moving to the hall was to spend most of my days there, set up a place for the babies to sleep and keep busy with sessions and admin work but it just hasn’t worked out like that. Poppy sleeps but not for long and Henry is happy just watching DVD’s whilst we’re there which isn’t the best way to raise my child.

This isn’t a 3 month notice and at the end of the 3 months we will closing our doors. It’s just a 3 month breathing space to put everything in and make sure it all works between Piddo, the babies, the trainers and I.

I’m looking forward to seeing you at sessions and am so glad this is happening so I can reconfigure the business to the most productive model I can do. For all of the information on the sessions, head to the Five Fitness page here.


Kel xx